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About us

Noord-survey is a young independent survey company founded in early 2022. Noord-survey originated from a combination of a hydrographer and skipper who, through flexible deployment and high quality, provide hydrographic data to contractors, governments and research institutes. The qualities of Noord-survey lie in the fast and flexible deployment of own equipment and creative, data-oriented solutions to meet the wishes of the customer.

Sustainable business

As a Noord-survey, we are happy to contribute to a sustainable future. By organizing our company on the basis of three pillars, we try to have an impact, however small it may be.​

"Energy transition" This is the first pillar we work with. At Noord-survey we try to focus on work related to this industry, such as windmills and solar parks.

"Circular entrepreneurship" We don't buy everything new. A second hand desk or fender is also sufficient!

"Sustainable mobility" Where possible, we move CO2 free or in the most CO2 neutral way.

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